Pepperidge Farm® Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies 6.750 oz

Any time you’re looking for a fruit-flavored indulgence, look no further than Pepperidge Farm Verona Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies. They bring the sweet flavor of blueberry like never before, creating a delicious treat for your taste buds. Buttery shortbread golden baked to a delicate crisp, they’re accented by the sweetness of fruit — simply scrumptious! Enjoy the essence of the Pepperidge Farm Verona, our classic thumbprint cookie in sweet blueberry, whenever the mood strikes. Full of fruit-forward flavor, hand-crafted deliciousness, and velvety texture, they’re exactly what you’ll want around for whenever a snack craving strikes. These cookies are always beautifully crafted because, for Pepperidge Farm, baking is more than a job, it's a real passion. Each day, our bakers take the time and care to make every cookie, pastry, cracker, and loaf of bread the best way they know how, using carefully selected, quality ingredients. So go ahead and give yourself a wonderful indulgence.