Annie's Macaroni & Cheese, Real Aged Cheddar 2 ea

Annie's Real Aged Cheddar & Organic Pasta Microwaveable Mac & Cheese cups have all the creamy, dreamy yumminess you could ask for. Made with organic pasta, real cheese, and zero compromise on taste, it's the perfect anytime meal addition when you want something wholesome and downright tasty. Best of all, it's ready in minutes. Simply remove the lid and cheese packet, add cold water to the fill line, stir, microwave on HIGH for two minutes, and stir in the cheese packet. Careful, the cup and pasta will be hot! This Annie's Mac and Cheese contains no artificial flavors or synthetic colors. Annie's makes products in over 20 family-friendly categories — from fruit-flavored snacks and cereal to mac & cheese. For busy bunnies and families on the go, we help make life a little easier and more delicious by sweetening up packed lunches or by adding to a savory, yummy dinner. Annie’s is devoted to spreading goodness through nourishing, tasty foods and kindness to the planet.