First For Women The New Liver Cure June 7, 2021 Magazine 1 ea

On Sale: 05/18/21. Off Sale 06/04/21. Mmm - easy, creamy treats. No more tiredness. Surprise circulatory glitch making 73% of women tired & achy. Slip on fix restores energy in 10 minutes! 20-min dinners. So long stress! Patricia Heaton on how she stays happy, calm, and energized at 63. Yes! Kitchen gadget cuts calories by 80%. Fast GI Relief: belly bloat; heartburn; constipation; gassiness; cramps. The New Liver Cure: News: Quarantine living has created an epidemic of fatty liver in women over 50. Dr. Fred Pescatore's proven plan dissolves liver fat fast. Side effects: Accelerated fat loss, boundless energy and thicker hair! Drop 10 lbs in 7 days. Alert! Read this before you go to a public pool. Worries Solved!: cellulite; jiggly arms; bacne; stretch marks; cankles. Happy now! 3 words to remove from your life. Cut yourself some slack! Why it needs to be your No. 1 must-do! Display until 6/7/21.