Refresh® with HydroCell™ Digital Lubricant Eye Drops 0.33 fl. oz. Box

Other Information: Use only if tape seals on top and bottom flaps are intact. Use before expiration date marked on container. Discard 90 days after opening. Store at 59 degrees - 86 degrees F. (15 degrees - 30 degrees C). Retain this carton for future reference. New! With hydro cell. Fast-acting relief that soothes your eyes. Acts fast to relieve dryness, burning, irritation, and discomfort in the eyes. Expertly formulated with HydroCell technology our proprietary NaCI-free, gylcerin-based solution. It delivers soothing hydration by working on all three tear film layers and helps prevent natural tears from evaporating due to lipid layer deficiencies. Trust your eyes to refresh. Silhouette of bottle is actual size. Doctor Recommended Brand (Ipsos Healthcare, 2019 Refresh ECP Recommendation study). Questions or comments? 1.800.678.1605 Made in USA.