Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers, Tropical

Toddler. Water & fruit juice blend beverage from concentrate. Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. 40 % less sugar (Fruit Splashers beverages have 7g of sugar per 4 fl oz serving compared to 12g of sugar per 4 fl oz serving of 100% apple juice) than 100% Apple Juice. Nutri Protect: E, Z, Zinc. 100% daily value Vitamin C. No artificial sweeteners. Nutrition for healthy growth & natural immune support. Fruit Splashers beverage is part of a range of developmentally appropriate toddler foods recommended by Gerber. Intended for children over 1 year. Ask our experts 24/7: Your Child May Be Ready If She or He: Stands alone and begins to walk alone; Feeds self easily with fingers. Keep your child on a course to healthy nutrition. Did You Know? On a given day, 28% of toddlers consumed sweetened beverages, such as soda pop or fruit-flavored drinks, with limited nutritional value (FITS 2008). Graduates Fruit Splashers Beverages has no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or added colors. Good For Toddlers: Vitamin C, E, and zinc for healthy growth and natural immune support; 100% daily value vitamin C, a protective antioxidant that is an essential building block of your toddler's natural defense system. Made For Toddlers: Delicious taste toddlers love; Try serving with a Graduates Lil Entrees selection as part of a nutritious lunch or dinner. Nutritional compass. 40% juice.