MILK DUDS Chocolate and Caramel Bunny Tails Candy, Easter, 5 oz, Box

MILK DUDS caramel and chocolate candy treats are well-loved for a reason. Try the classic confections that have delighted candy lovers for decades. Made of chewy caramel covered in delectable chocolate candy, every morsel is a delicious treat you can snack on and share with those around you. MILK DUDS bunny tails sweets made with chocolate and caramel candy are a classic movie snack that even Peter Cottontail himself might show up for. They're a perfect option for your work, home and on-the-go sweets throughout the spring season. Prepare for Easter with seasonal springtime baskets that include these candy boxes. You're sure to please your nearest and dearest with chewy MILK DUDS caramel chocolate candy no matter what day of the spring season it is. This adorable bunny-themed box of candy is sealed for convenient storage, easy gifting and quick snacking, so get your taste buds ready for the perfect chewy delight!