DazBog Coffee Coffee, Ground, Bold, Sumatra Mandheling

A wonderful heavy body, sweet, earthy aroma with a distinct lingering finish. Share a DazBog moment in your home town. Learn more about franchise opportunities at ownadazbogstore.com. Dazbog.com. Anatoly and Leonid in St. Petersburg Russia, 1974. DazBog Coffee is the realization of the American dream by two immigrants of the former Soviet Union, Anatoly and Leonid Yuffa. The dream that is now DazBog began on a bitter cold night among the cobblestone streets of Leningrad. The Yuffa family fled Russia to embark on a new and better life of freedom, democracy and opportunity. Their journey is the legacy of DazBog Coffee - bringing the richness of the Russian heritage and traditions to their quest for roasting only the finest quality Arabica beans from 1 coffee estates around the world. Anatoly and Leonid have found a way to honor the past and enjoy the present in a rich-tasting cup of coffee. This is the DazBog way. A way that applauds free expression by bringing out the unique flavor of every bean. A way that celebrates life itself in each and every cup. The history and character of their homeland inspired the unique and intriguing names of DazBog's fresh-roasted blends. God of Richness: In Russian, the name DazBog means God of Richness. And this is our quest at DazBog Coffee Company: To bring out the heavenly richness of our coffee in every bean we roast. Russian Roasting: The Old-World Way: Anatoly and Leonid of DazBog Coffee Company welcome you to the revolutionary world of Russian-roasted coffees. Made with the finest arabica beans from regions around the world, our coffees are roasted the traditional way. The old-world way. The slow way. Where the rich, smooth taste is everything and every moment counts. Heavenly Richness in Every Coffee Bean: There was time when great craftsmanship mattered. When learning to create distinctive coffees was more art than mass production, and making a rich, smooth coffee was highly valued. DazBog Coffee returns you to a time when coffee was crafted with great care and with great pride. DazBog is roasted the old-world way. Old-world Russian roasting celebrates the rich and complex history of each bean. True, it's a slow process, not hurried like modern methods, yet one that respects the sweet and natural characteristics of each bean. Taking the time to roast coffee the old-world way creates a smoother taste as each bean is allowed to mature and develop, thus making a greater contribution to the overall richness of the blend. DazBog's roasting produces a complex taste, one might even say a heartier, wealthier taste. It's old-world Russian craftsmanship you can savor with each cup. So slow down. Take the time. Savor the DazBog moment, and celebrate the heavenly richness of each bean.