Betty Crocker Starter Kit, Southwest Style Corn 2 oz

Enjoy the taste of summer all year round with Suddenly Salad deli salad starter kits! These mixes can be prepared in a few simple steps and are made with delicious ingredients the whole family will love. Suddenly tasty, suddenly smiling, Suddenly Salad! Betty Crocker Suddenly Deli Salad Starter Kit comes in a savory Southwest Style Corn flavor. Our Suddenly Deli Salad mixes are the perfect side to a main dish and combine the ease of pantry stocking with the crispness of vegetables. Just add water, sour cream and prepared frozen corn kernels for a delicious deli salad with a homemade taste. Simply mix vegetable blend with boiled water; prepare the frozen corn; mix sour cream, water, and dressing mix; combine; and enjoy. You can customize this cold salad your own way with additional toppings like diced grilled chicken, green chiles or shredded cheddar cheese.